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Common Tax Problems

Tax Problems have solutions

Tax problems may range from simple to complex matters. It could be the result of one or more errors by the taxpayer or by the IRS, but whatever the reason for your tax problem there is usually a solution. The solution may simply require a response from the taxpayer or it may require assistance from an Enrolled Agent, CPA or Tax attorney. Here are just some of the problems that could be encountered.

  • Audit - Your return may be selected because of questionable items.
  • Incorrect audit findings
  • Returns not submitted on time
  • Unable to pay by April 15th
  • Unable to pay the total owed
  • Unpaid payroll taxes
  • Lost receipts
  • Wage or bank levy
  • Tax lien
  • Left with spouse's tax debt

In many cases these problems can be solved by contacting the IRS either by letter or submitting the appropriate form or both. You may  be able to do this on your own without assistance from a tax professional, but if you feel you need help you can always enlist the service of an Enrolled Agent, CPA or Tax attorney.


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